We Believe in Giving Back

Ruff Enough dog toy suppliers were founded in 2018 by two brothers who shared the same vision.

We wanted to supply high-quality dog toys that were USA-made but without the excessively high prices.

As dog lovers and United States Armed Forces Veterans, our dream was to give back to the communities we are a part of. We fight for the bully breeds. We understand that a dog’s socialization and training are major factors in its behavior and have trained once problemed dogs to become service canines for people in need. 

We’ve partnered with animal shelters to form the Second Chances Program, where shelter dogs are brought to local prisons and trained by inmates. Inmates learn how to properly train the dogs using positive reinforcement, and it presents them with an opportunity to positively contribute to their community. The program is still active today. 

After the success of the Second Chances program, we decided to start Samaritan Force — a nonprofit that trains shelter dogs to become fully-functional service animals for Veterans and children in need. For us, starting this program was an enormous win. We get to assist Veterans and children in need with their hardships while rescuing animals from the pound and giving them better homes and a better life. 

When we launched Ruff Enough, we were on a mission to raise money to hire trainers, pay for Samaritan Force’s expenses, and build larger kennels for the dogs. When you purchase from our dog toy shop, you’re helping foster connections that will make a huge impact on individuals — both canine and human. We also donate to nonprofits that directly support Veterans and save lives, like the Wounded Warrior Foundation and The Mighty Oaks Program.

With your continued support, we’re able to do our part in helping the world become a better place for dogs and people in need.