The Importance of Dog Toy Safety

Being aware of the ingredients in your dog’s chew toys can have a big impact on their health.

There are no regulations governing the safety of dog toys, and many are made from harmful materials that shouldn’t be anywhere near your dog. It’s important to stay informed so you can make the best decisions for your dog. 

We only choose the best and safest dog toys, made in the USA.

SodaPup Natural Rubber and Nylon Toys

SodaPup natural rubber dog toys are made with a proprietary power-chewer compound called PuppyPrene. This material has undergone rigorous testing for heavy metals, phthalates, Proposition 65 regulations, and FDA compliance to manufacture non-toxic and safe dog chew toys. Nylon dog toys are made from FDA-approved PETstrong material that is durable and versatile for all types of chewers. 

Ruff Dawg Natural Rubber Toys

All Ruff Dawg products are made in the USA with FDA-approved food-grade rubber proven to be BPA, Latex, and Phthalate free. 

It’s important to supervise dogs when they are playing with any toy. Although our dog toys are made from safe materials, ingesting foreign objects can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Dog toys with ropes are designed for tug and play between the owner and their dog and should not be left alone to tear apart. Inspect your dog’s toys frequently, remove damaged toys and replace them if necessary. If your dog swallows a piece of any toy, contact your veterinarian immediately.