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Ruff Enough Pet Supplies was started by brothers Keith and Billy in 2018 out of a need for quality pet products at reasonable prices. 
It was also a way to help fund a dream project that has been on both their minds for some years now.  Both Brothers being Veterans of the United States Armed Forces have a strong drive to help other Veterans in need.           
Keith is a USMC Veteran of the Gulf Wars and the Father and Uncle to a active duty Marine, a Doctor and two Sailors. He wanted to do something to help, something that would make life a little easier for the Brave men and Women returning from the sandbox that needed a little hope.  
Billy is a Navy Veteran and has been training dogs since age twelve.  He volunteers at the local shelters with aggressive dog cases and has been successful in actually taking some of these dogs and getting them adopted out and a few even went on to become Canine Good Citizens and two service dogs.  He fights for the Bully breeds and takes the stance that its not the breed, but simply how the breed is raised and socialized. 
(Second class of "second chances dogs" at the Ellis Unit Prison) 
In 2017 Billy and the Rita B Huff animal shelter worked together to form the " Second Chances Program ", where shelter dogs were actually placed inside local prisons and trained by inmates.  Billy taught the inmates how to properly train the dogs using only positive reinforcement and the program is still successful to this day.     
(Trustee Inmate teaching the shake command) 
After seeing what his brother accomplished with the program, Keith knew they could do the same thing and help Veterans.  This is when the brothers joined forces and started Samaritan Force, a non-profit that will take shelter dogs and train them to become fully functional service dogs for Veterans and children in need.  It was a win all the way around.  The dogs who are passed over for various reasons will get a second chance at life, the Veterans and children in need will get some relief from the struggles they are dealing with, Billy will get to do what brings him peace (train dogs) and Keith will know that he is doing his part to help Veterans and kids in need.  
Three dogs to date have been trained and paired with Veterans and are living happily ever after.  But now funds are needed to build a larger kennel, pay for expenses and possibly hire more trainers.  A portion of the proceeds from this site will go to do just that, as well as help the Wounded Warrior Foundation and The Mighty Oaks Program, programs that the Brothers have both seen first hand save lives. 
With Your Help Maybe We Can Make A Difference
Thank You and God Bless !
Keith and Billy

Ruff Enough
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